Custody Lawyer in Boise, ID

Custody LawyerCustody cases can be complicated and disruptive—especially for the individuals at the center of them. Roedel Law Offices aims to resolve questions of legal custody quickly and thoroughly, to help clients avoid prolonged litigation or more serious legal situations in the future. As an experienced custody lawyer in Boise, Meridian, Perks, and Ada County, ID, Kaylene Roedel is ready to assist you.


Understanding Custody Issues

Custody cases are based around the legal rights of a parent or guardian when it comes to a minor or other invidiously. This extends far beyond where a person lives or who cares for them—it also touches things like child support, visitation rights, guardianship, conservatorship and more. In fact, our custody lawyers specialize in guardianship and conservatorship cases, to help parents, legal guardians and family members understand their abilities when it comes to minors:

Custody Lawyer

This legal representation involves making life decisions for a person.

Custody Lawyer

This designation involves making financial decisions for a person.

Most of our cases deal with individuals who file for guardianship or conservatorship, who may already be caring for a child. For example, if you are caring for your grandchild because the child’s parent is unable to properly care for them and you want to be able to continue to provide for them without interference from parents or outside entities.

Another common situation we have experience with involves a child filing for guardianship or conservatorship of an elderly parent who is not in the right mind to make decisions for themselves.


Getting Results

Guardianship and custody cases are notorious for being arduous, complicated and stressful. Roedel Law Offices strives to facilitate your case with as few barriers as possible. Our custody lawyers always work with diligence and expeditiousness, to ensure the child or person at the center of a custody case is cared for appropriately.

If you’re facing a custody struggle or have a situation that mandates guardianship or conservatorship, contact us today at 208-384-0003 to schedule a consultation. Our family law specialists also work on divorce and adoption cases.