Adoption Attorney in Boise, ID

Adoption AttorneysChoosing to become a parent through adoption is a wonderful experience. Not only are you expanding your family, you’re giving a child the opportunity to live a happy, healthy life surrounded by people who love them. Roedel Law Offices is here to help make this prospect a reality for parents and children.

As the premier adoption attorney in Boise, Ada County, Meridian, and Perks, ID, Kaylene Roedel has years of experience with adoption law and a depth of familiarity with the adoption process. She and the rest of the team at Roedel Law Offices are prepared to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the adoption process.


Types of Adoption

There are many specific adoption cases that come through the system, each with its own factors, variables and criteria. Our job is to help identify the type of adoption situation you face, to best serve the needs of our clients and any minors. We’re familiar with all of the following:


Adoption Attorneys
Contested Adoptions

In the event there’s a disagreement over the custody and guardianship of a minor, we can work with you. Our adoption attorneys always operate with the best interests of our clients and children in mind. We aim for swift resolutions with minimal conflict.

Adoption Attorneys
Stepparent Adoption

If you and a previous spouse have separated and want to bring a stepparent into the fold, we help facilitate adoptions that ensure legal recognition of guardianship by the stepparent.

Adoption Attorneys
Relative Adoption

In the event of a parent’s passing or in situations where birthparents are no longer able to care for a child, we work to help relatives adopt minors. This process ensures stability for the child and enables them to live under the guardianship of someone familiar to them.

Adoption Attorneys
Domestic Adoption

For clients looking to adopt within the United States, we’re your partner for domestic adoption proceedings. We advise our clients on the proper course of action when filing paperwork, preparing for interviews and more. Our goal is to help you bring home a child so you can realize your dream of becoming parents.

No matter what type of adoption case you’re facing, Roedel Law Offices will guide you through each step with confidence. Contact us today at 208-384-0003 to schedule a consultation with our adoption attorneys. Our family law specialists are also available for divorce and custody assistance.