Family Law Attorney in Boise, ID

Family issues that end in litigation are always subject to stress and concern. Often, it’s up to a family law attorney in Boise, Meridian, Perks, and Ada County, ID to ensure the situation is resolved amicably and entirely, and that participants walk away with peace of mind about the proceedings. Roedel Law Offices wants to make sure any family law situations you may find yourself in are handled with grace, compassion and first-rate legal prowess.


Our Capabilities

Family law spans a number of different instances and can have many definitions, which means it’s important to hire a family law lawyer in Boise, ID that’s familiar with all of them. At Roedel Law Offices, Kaylene Roedel brings a broad depth of experience to the table, to ensure your family matter is handled appropriately. Kaylene focuses on:


Ending your partnership with someone is never easy. No matter what may have brought about the decision for a separation, we’ll ensure your divorce proceedings are handled with grace and amicability. Our family attorneys strive to ensure our clients come away satisfied and that your next steps in continuing your life are simple.


Deciding to expand your family through adoption? Count on us for legal guidance and assistance throughout the adoption process. We work with parents to ensure all adoption proceedings and paperwork are completed flawlessly and thoroughly, so you can focus on bringing your child home for good.

Custody and Guardianship

After legal separation, in the case of multiple families, or in situations where guardianship of a minor must be transferred, Roedel Law Offices works to ensure the best interests of the child are always at heart. We help parents and impending legal guardians establish their custody rights for the good of the minor in question.

If you or your family are facing any of the above legal situations, it’s important to work with a lawyer that has intimate experience in practicing family law. For a family law attorney in Boise, ID you can put your full and complete trust in, choose Roedel Law Offices. Contact us today at 208-384-0003 to schedule a consultation.